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Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). ECFA's Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations details are available at:

Florida Supreme Court Rules that Single-Member LLC’s Are Not Asset Protected. On June 24, 2010 the Court held that a judgment creditor of the sole member of an LLC is not required to seek a charging order against the LLC interest as its sole remedy. Rather, a court can force the member to surrender all its right, title and interest in the LLC to satisfy the judgment. This would allow the creditor to seize the LLC's assets in order to satisfy its judgment.

IRS Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations: benefits and responsibilities under the
federal tax law.

Senator Grassley's staff report complete details and related documents are available at:

Address to the Delegates of the 2011 CPCA/FCPC Annual Conference.  Presented by Dennis D. Frey, Th.D., member of the Board, and President of Master's International School of Divinity.

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The Florida Council of Private Colleges welcomes institutions to consider the benefits of membership.  The purpose of the FCPC is to serve private, degree granting, faith based institutions that provide quality faith based education.