Then FCPC AFFILIATE MEMBER signs annual affidavit with payment of annual membership fees by April 1 each year.

New member joins as a FCPC AFFILIATE Member listed on fcpc-edu.org. When the FCPC has examined and verified compliance with FCPC AFFILIATE Member status then the institution will move to FCPC SUSTAINING MEMBER.

FCPC AAFFILIATE Member is available to a prospective entry level private Faith Based institution of higher education within the scope of FCPC’s service, namely Florida when verifiable, where:

  • they or the FCPC has determined that the institution has not verified some or all of the FCPC SUSTAINING Member standards and requirements on www.fcpc-edu.org.
  • the institution has committed and stated its desire to be working toward verification of the FCPC standards of excellence on www.fcpc-edu.org to qualify for FCPC SUSTAINING Member.
  • they are not taking government funds in the USA.
  • they have THREE or more of the following qualifiers:
  • incorporated or,
    • a ministry of an incorporated entity or,
    • with an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number letter, or
    • with an IRS  501(c)(3) Recognition of Tax-Exempt Status letter, or  
    • licensed or,
    • exempt from licensure, and


  • Conforming to FCPC disclosure restrictions relative to the plethora of non-recognized by USDE CHEA accreditation mills.
  • Actively working to achieve compliance with the standards and fees of the FCPC at www.fcpc-edu.org for FCPC AFFILIATE Member to become FCPC SUSTAINING Member.

FCPC AFFILIATE Member is not to be confused with FCPC SUSTAINING Member, CPCA Certification Commission certification, USDE CHEA recognized accreditation, or understood in any way to imply any of above.