FCPC SUSTAINING Member Qualifications

FCPC SUSTAINING Member Qualifications

FCPC SUSTAINING Member has THREE or more of the following qualifiers:

  • incorporated or,
  • a ministry of an incorporated entity or,
  • with an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number letter, or
  • with an IRS  501 (c) (3) Recognition of Tax-Exempt Status letter, or
  • licensed or,
  • exempt from licensure.
  • Not taking government funds in the USA, and
  • • FCPC SUSTAINING Member with USDE CHEA recognized accreditation.


  • • Conforming to FCPC disclosure relative to the plethora of “Accreditation Mills”, non-recognized by USDE CHEA as accreditation.
  • Being in compliance with the standards, requirements, and fees of the FCPC at www.fcpc-edu.org.

FCPC SUSTAINING Member institutions begin the CPCA Certification Commission certification process as a Candidate Certified institution within 3-years, or sooner, of joining the FCPC, see www.cpca-commission.org . https://www.cpca-commission.org/.